Wiltshire Police special constables lead drone trial

Wiltshire Police in the UK has announced the launch of its Unmanned Aviation Support Group (UASG) pilot. The service also said that if the pilot is successful, it will work to become an accredited training centre for a police-specific UAV course.

Chief Constable Mike Veale began looking into the use of unmanned air vehicles (UAVs) is 2016 to augment the manned helicopter cover provided by the National Police Aviation Service (NPAS), noted the force. He recognised that members of the Special Constabulary already had extensive experience in this area, and decided to harness their experience by asking these part-time volunteer officers to take the lead on the project.

Members of the Special Constabulary and one regular police officer have been professionally trained in the use of UAVs and the proper licences have been obtained from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). Special Superintendent Scott Bateman has led the project and swiftly brought the

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