Police take crime fighting to the skies with launch of new drone unit …

WILTSHIRE Police will soon be taking the fight against crime to the skies with the launch of their Unmanned Aviation Support Group (UASG) pilot.

In 2016, Chief Constable Mike Veale began exploring an opportunity for Wiltshire Police to follow the lead of a small number of forces in developing an Unmanned Aviation capability to augment the provision provided by the National Police Aviation Service (NPAS).

The Chief Constable recognised that members of the Special Constabulary already had extensive experience in this area, and decided to harness their experience by asking these Special Constabulary officers to take the lead on the project. Special Superintendent Scott Bateman has led the project and swiftly brought the aircraft into service.

Members of the Special Constabulary and one regular police officer have been professionally trained in the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and the proper licences have been obtained

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