Why the Fast-Paced World of Drone Sports Is Getting So Popular

Piloting your drone aircraft through an intricate, Star Wars-like obstacle course or ramming an enemy to the ground in a dogfight—sounds slightly like science fiction, doesn’t it? It’s not. In fact, both sports already exist.

They are part of the rapidly expanding ecosystem of drone sports, which looks set to follow the growth trajectory of the hugely popular world of live video gaming known as eSports.

Something that owes a lot to the speed of technological development and a punk-meets-maker-movement attitude. It’s a melding that has already led to experiments with paintball gun dogfights—and in one case, a flying flamethrower.

Taking the pilot’s view

You have probably already heard about drone racing, which illustrates how quickly drone sports have taken off.

Drone Racing League (DRL) is a good example. DRL organizes drone races across the globe and films them using a mix of camera drones, stationary cameras and first-person-view (FPV) video. Since its

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