Where to Fly a Drone in the UK and Abroad: Drone Laws Explained …

Drones are so popular now that there’s a UK dronecode: a simple set of rules to let you know where you can and can’t fly one. We’ll also list places where you’re not allowed to fly – such as the Royal Parks.

We’ll also explain the equivalent rules in certain other countries in case you want to take your drone on holiday to capture some great aerial video.

If you don’t have a drone yet, then check out the best drones to buy and then our guide on how to fly a drone.

You can also jump straight to drone laws in Europe

UK Dronecode

Until their recent boom in popularity, drones were lumped in with ‘small unmanned aerial vehicles’ on the CAA’s website and you had to try to figure out which rules applied to modern quadcopters.

Now, the site has a page dedicated to drones which outlines the most important

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