DJI and Hasselblad just released an insanely overpowered camera drone

Back in January DJI acquired a majority stake in the iconic Swedish camera maker, Hasselblad. The two companies had worked together on some product integrations, and today they pushed the partnership further, releasing what they are calling “the first 100-megapixel integrated drone imaging platform.” The setup combines an M600 Pro drone, a Ronin MX gimbal, and a H6D-100c camera. The announcement was part of the NAB industry conference currently happening in Las Vegas.

The goal, says a press release, is a system that will be used for the very high end of “landscape and fine-art photography” as well as “robust data for surveying and mapmaking.” The camera has a 53.4mm x 40.0mm sensor, allowing it to capture intricate detail and faithful colors even in poor lighting conditions.

The M600 Pro currently retails for around $4,999 and has been marketed as a tool for Hollywood-caliber film

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