PowerRay is an underwater drone for filmmakers or fishermen

The creator of the PowerEgg, an ovoid flying robot, has begun accepting orders for its newest creation, a submersible camera drone for home use. Dubbed the PowerRay, the waterproof device can find, attract and record fish. It operates at a depth of 30 meters, or about 98 feet, for up to four hours at a time. It is suitable for use in fresh-, salt-or chlorinated-water.

The PowerRay garnered buzz when PowerVision Technology Group first announced it at CES in January 2017. Of course it was a crowd pleaser among technophiles. But it remains to be seen how outdoor and marine biology enthusiasts may embrace or reject this technology.

The basic package, the PowerRay Explorer, has a 50 meter cable that tethers the device back to a base station above water. Besides keeping the

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