Point-and-shoot cameras are back – with wings!

It is not news that the point-and-shoot camera market has been decimated by the use of smart phones. Each annual smart phone upgrade added enhanced features that chipped away at the pocket camera’s appeal. Finally, there simply wasn’t enough of a difference between the devices to merit purchasing a stand-alone camera; the smart phone became the de facto “point-and-shoot” camera of choice.

Going forward, it is difficult to imagine a resurgence of the point-and-shoot market. There has been talk of pocket cameras shooting 360-degree images and maybe some type of 3D photos. However, for the most part, any new technology that might be used to revitalize the point-and-shoot market would also be available for use in smart phones. The simple fact is that smart phones will continue to dominate the low end of the handheld camera market for the foreseeable future.

In many ways, the current drone industry is analogous to what

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