The director of The Two Coreys tackles terrorism in the Drone trailer

There’s something unusual about Drone, the upcoming film starring Sean Bean as the CIA-employed remote pilot for a plane that drops missiles on terrorists abroad, and it’s not the plot. If anything, this looks like a more personalized version of the kind of ”flawed-but-noble American vs. terrorist” plot that has become Hollywood’s go-to for international action thrillers during the past two decades. This time, it looks as though a man from Karachi whose wife and child were killed in a drone strike has tracked down the guy he holds responsible—Bean’s genial but secretive pilot—and brings a bomb into the quiet suburb with him in an attempt to even the scales. It has the potential for some intriguing moral gray areas to be explored, and possibly a literal ticking time-bomb scenario.

But that’s the not most striking part of the film. No, the real magic comes from the fact

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