Police use drone with public address system to speak directly to trouble makers – from the skies

A new scheme will allow police to talk directly to criminals over a public address system – from the sky using drones.

‘Spy-in-the-sky’ cameras allows officers to identify and address drug addicts and people boozing in public spaces.

The pilot scheme was unveiled by the Mayor of San Diego in Chile.

During a simulation, the camera operator identifies someone misbehaving and the Mayor tells them through the park’s PA system to move on or face the consequences.

Futuristic spy-in-the-sky cameras that allow police to identify and speak directly to drug addicts and boozers in parks
(Photo: CEN/Joaquín Lavín Twitter)

Mayor Joaquin Lavin is seen speaking into the system with his voice echoing in the background as he says: “To the person who is drinking alcohol, the one in the blue shirt, I ask you to leave.

“If you do not leave, in five minutes more police

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