Apple now sells a ‘selfie’ drone camera

A new, compact camera drone by Zero Zero Robotics is now available for purchase exclusively through Apple. The Hover Camera Passport is the perfect way to document your activities without having to be glued to your phone because it flies in the air, follows you on-the-go, and always keeps you in the shot.

Not only does it capture 13 MP photos, it also records 4K video. The footage can then be downloaded directly to your phone through a dedicated app. As for how to use the selfie drone, it’s as simple as unfolding the two “wings,” tapping the power button, and releasing it into the air. And how does it track your every move? Through sophisticated artificial intelligence facial recognition algorithms, natch.

Lightweight and the size of a notebook (or a very large smartphone), the Hover Camera Passport is portable, making it an ideal companion

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