Ex-Army Col.: ‘Way Overdue’ to Allow CIA to Drone-Strike ISIS

Legislation introduced by Republicans in both the House and Senate on Wednesday to give official war authorization in the fight to the Islamic State (ISIS) is “way overdue” and should be passed, retired U.S. Army Col. David Hunt, told Newsmax TV.

“Congress needs to take responsibility,” Hunt told host Steve Malzberg on Wednesday’s “America Talks Live.” “We’ve been fighting in Afghanistan for almost 16 years, 13 in Iraq. We just got 10,000 soldiers now. Between Iraq and Syria we’ve crossed the border into Syria, so yeah, we need to do that.”

Hunt – author of the new military thriller “Without Mercy,” written with R.J. Pineiro and published by Forge – also praised a report in The Wall Street Journal that Trump has given the CIA authority to conduct lethal drone strikes again by removing limits former Barack Obama placed on the agency.

And he is also pleased with Trump’s pledge to

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