KC police use drone to search for hammer-wielding man who …

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — “Man, they were all around here by my place and over there in those woods.”

Neighbor Samanthia Carter said the search for a man who committed an attack with a hammer on Tuesday was like watching a lifetime movie.

“One minute I heard a loud bang. I think that was the sound of the suspect screeching tires or something getting away,” Carter said.

Kansas City police say a hammer-wielding man attacked two female employees as they arrived for work early Tuesday morning at an administrative building for St. Luke’s Health Systems. Police say the violent crimes occurred on the Crittenton Campus near 109th and Raytown Road, but did not take place in the buildings that house children.

Investigators say the man, who covered his face with a bandanna and wore a red or orange hoodie, attacked both women with a hammer and possibly a knife after they arrived to work.


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