Parent takes over control panel on errant drone: Moreland Hills police blotter


MORELAND HILLS, Ohio — Complaints (general), Ridgecreek Trail: A boy, 16, requested police assistance for a drone flying out of control on the evening of March 27. He reported that he was trying to hold onto the drone and that it had cut him a little bit but he did not need medical attention.

A parent was soon on scene and was able to turn the drone off. Police cleared within 10 minutes, telling the boy to read up on electronics more before operating the drone in the future.

Fire call (general), Meadowood Lane: Police responded on the afternoon of April 3 to a report of a small fire in front of — but a safe distance away from — a building under construction. The initial call went into the Orange Fire Department but the blaze was extinguished by police within 10 minutes.

Animal (miscellaneous),

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