Drone Cameras and Big Budgets: How L.A. Real Estate "Trailers" Are Selling Mega-Mansions

Lights, camera, sell! Videos are taking cues from Hollywood with plot twists and production values to sex up a nine-figure listing by “telling the story” of a property (without offending anyone, of course).


When you move, make it less dramatic, less melt-y because as the night progresses we are getting way more animalistic,” says the producer. She is addressing one of four women, all naked save for nipple pasties, thong bikini bottoms and Egyptian-themed jewelry, each coated head to toe in gold body paint. If this were a neighboring ZIP code, an observer could confuse this with an adult film — but the location is Opus, a $100 million home on Hillcrest Road in Beverly Hills that hit the market earlier in March from former Hollywood producer (The

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