Leading me off a cliff in the Granite State, weaponized drones in the nutmeg state: Has the world gone crazy?

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Unrelated except through Google to Bob Charest’s column. The hair-raising stunt on 1970s TV sitcom Some Mother’s Do ‘Ave ‘Em, when Michael Crawford dangled hundreds of feet above the English Channel, is being remembered as part of a BBC radio documentary.

I’m surrounded by darkness, headed higher and higher up the side of a mountain, the snow banks building taller and taller, no traffic in sight, and that’s good because the road is getting so narrow two cars wouldn’t be able to pass along here anyway.

We had a blizzard two days before, about a foot and half dumped in this area of the state.
All I can think is this: I never knew this road went to Nashua. All the years I lived in this town, covered it for the newspaper, and I never knew I could get there

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