Drone complaints soar as concerns grow over snooping

The number of incidents in the UK involving drones reported to police has increased more than twelve-fold over the past two years.

Complaints, including allegations of snooping, burglary “scoping” exercises, mid-air near-misses and the smuggling of contraband into prisons, rose to almost 10 a day (3,456) last year, compared with 283 in 2014. Last year’s figure was almost three times higher than the 2015 total of 1,237 incidents.

The true total is likely to be even higher as the data, obtained by the Press Association through freedom of information requests, was not available for all UK forces.

Sales of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), available for as as little as £30 and often containing built-in cameras, have risen sharply in recent years but as their popularity has increased so have concerns about their use.

There have been 59 drone near-misses reported in the past 12 months, compared with six in 2014, raising fears

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