Police in one US state could get to fly drones outfitted to kill

Drone attacks are something Americans hear about from a great distance, as a controversial and deadly tool of US foreign policy. But if a new bill passes, Americans in one state might come a bit closer to understanding what it’s like to have weaponized drones flying overhead.

The new bill, designed to regulate the use of drones in Connecticut, forbids civilians from outfitting them with weapons but includes a very crucial exemption for the police. Although the details are yet to be hammered out, the bill would allow officers to use drones with both lethal weapons and non-lethal ones, such as Tasers or tear-gas canisters. (While no state in the US allows the use of deadly force by drones, North Dakota allows officers to equip them with stun guns and other non-lethal weapons.)

“Obviously this is for very limited circumstances,” said Republican state senator John Kissel of

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