Court Docs Say “Lily Camera Drone” Tracking Footage Shot By DJI Inspire

TDC has obtained a copy of the main court document against Lily Robotics – alleging (among other things) that the company misled consumers with its promotional video of the Lily Camera Drone. That video was the main reason some 60,000 people plunked down $34 million US in pre-orders.

As has been reported here and elsewhere previously, it appears that the video supposedly shot by Lily was actually shot with a DJI Inspire, and with the full knowledge of the people in charge of the company. It’s further alleged that, of the minimal footage actually shot with a Lily unit, the camera used was simply a GoPro placed inside the prototype. There’s also internal correspondence indicating the head of the company feared that a sharp-eyed viewer might be able to tell it was GoPro footage.

The Lily Camera
The Lily Camera

The Digital Circuit has

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