The Gladius submersible drone lets you explore the ocean without getting wet

Affordable underwater camera drones present a new opportunity for photography enthusiasts curious about the deep blue sea.

If you were at all inspired by the quality of the winning shots in the 2017 Underwater Photographer of the Year contest, you might be itching to try out the genre for yourself.

While there are a slew of cameras and housings already on the market offering a route to crisp and colorful imagery from the deep, a growing number of drone cameras have been splashing into the water recently to give photographers and filmmakers even more options.

The Gladius is one of the latest drone cameras to offer high-quality pictures and video, and is so new it hasn’t even launched yet. Currently an Indiegogo project, the drone’s promising spec sheet helped its Los Angeles-based creator smash through its funding target within just 24 hours of going live on the site.


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