Drones are helping police, but not everyone is happy – Washington …

WILMINGTON, Del. (AP) – Nearly 20 pieces of construction equipment stolen from Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey were recovered on two Cecil County, Maryland, properties earlier this month.

It was called a landmark arrest, not because of the magnitude of the crime, but because of the method used to crack the case.

The Cecil County Sheriff’s Office used an unmanned aerial vehicle, otherwise known as a drone, to find the missing equipment.

“This was actually our first, outside of training, operation,” Cecil County Sheriff Scott Adams said. “So I’m pleased with the outcome so far.”

One person has been arrested and more arrests are expected, according to the department.

More and more police departments are using drones as an investigative means to an end.

The Somerset County, New Jersey, Sheriff’s Office became the first law enforcement agency in the country to receive new drone technology for search-and-rescue missions. That drone is part of a partnership with

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