Drone technology among next-generation impacts on farming

ROCHESTER, Ind. – It sounds like a giant bumblebee, the 2-foot-square drone whirring to life. Its four props lift it off the ground outside Bruce Bowsher’s house and once it’s about 4 feet in the air, they lift up to give a camera an unobstructed 360-degree view.

Bowsher controls his from an iPad attached to a remote control with two joysticks on it. A tug on one and a push on the other, and his practiced hands can maneuver the drone in a smooth figure eight.

The camera gives him a drone’s-eye view and a map on the iPad screen shows where the drone is headed.

“I could just sit right here in my living room … and fly it downtown,” Bowsher said later, if his pilot’s sense didn’t keep him from being so foolish.

Bowsher, owner of Eagle’s View Aerial Photography, is among a growing number of drone pilots certified by

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