Review: JetJat Ultra micro drone is our powerful pocket-sized pick

By Jeremy Wyckoff

Pros: Drone fits inside the controller, the whole package fits inside a jacket pocket, fast charger included, and only takes about 20 minutes for a full charge.

Cons: As with most nano WIFI drones the latency and quality made it hard to try and fly any laps around the house, but good enough to impress my son’s friends by taking great selfies and Instagram clips.

You’re probably asking yourself the same question I mumbled when the JetJat Ultra by Mota arrived on my doorstep from the company to test—just as snow started to fall during (what was forecasted to be) the biggest storm of the year: Is this just another of the 100s of sub $100 nano drones out there?

The answer is yes, and also no.

Mota’s JetJat Ultra is a micro drone in the truest sense: the drone, charger and controller fit

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