Ohio Lawmakers Consider Requiring Warrants for Police Drones

A new bill being considered at the Statehouse would restrict the way police agencies could use drones. The legislation has bipartisan support for different reasons.

This bill is sponsored by unusual bedfellows.

Democratic Sen. Mike Skindell says he’s sponsoring the bill because he wants to make sure police agencies don’t use drones to unfairly gather evidence against suspects. Republican Sen. Kris Jordan, who doesn’t agree with Skindell on much, agrees this legislation is needed.

“We still deserve the right to privacy that our founders intended for us to have when they wrote out the bill of rights protecting our civil liberties,” he said.

Basically, the bill would say law enforcement agencies would need to get warrants from the court in order to be able to use drones to gather evidence. Jordan says there need to be some safeguards to protect Ohioans from being unreasonably targeted by law enforcement.

“There aren’t enough guardrails

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