IITKGP develops Bhim drone for surveillance and disaster relief operations

A group of researchers from IIT Kharagpur have indigenously developed a drone for surveillance and para-dropping purposes. The team was lead by Prof Sudip Misra and the drone was developed by the Smart Wireless Applications Networking (Swan) laboratory in the institute. The cost of the drone has been brought down by 30 percent compared to other similar drones available in the market.

The researchers were able to cut costs by getting rid of features that were not necessary for the kind of drone Bhim is. There are for example, no hardware technologies on board for stabilising the images. Algorithms are used instead of hardware for stabilisation of the images. Some of the components of the drone have been 3D printed, which has helped reduce the cost of the drone further.

The drone has features that make it appropriate for support missions to defense forces positioned along the borders

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