Bankrupt drone startup Lily is telling customers it has no time frame for refunding their preorders

Failed drone startup Lily sent a very short email to its preorder customers last night about how they can get their money back, but there wasn’t any information on how long that would take.

The company filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy at the end of February in Delaware after being sued by the San Francisco District Attorney for misleading business practices.

The email looks to be a legal notice to customers with instructions on how to submit a request to get their money back.

Those who want a refund will now have to fill out a form, but there is no time frame for when payments will be returned.

Some customers report having already received refunds, but it’s unclear exactly how many have had their money returned. More than 61,000 people preordered a Lily drone between 2015 and 2016.

The company had amassed $34.8

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