DxOMark scores popular drone cameras; puts DJI X5S at top

DxOMark – the camera and testing lab that many consider the Gold Standard for cameras – has turned its attention to the sensors used in drone cameras. And DJI’s X5S has scored the highest of any aerial camera tested.

Before we dive in, we’ll take a moment to remind you that TDC was the first to use the exhaustive DxO software to test a drone camera. We did so at the launch of this site, and again later, comparing the performance of the Phantom 4 Professional and its 1″-type Sony CMOS Exmor sensor with the Phantom 4.

But now, DxOMark has taken things a step further by scoring multiple cameras at the same time. Why now?

“A drone is your eye in the sky,” explains their article launching the tests. “And that eye is only as good as the camera it carries.”

Because drones have proven so immensely

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