Kent residents concerned about purchase of drones for police use

Two women let the Kent City Council know they didn’t like how members approved the police department’s purchase of drones without input from residents.

“We feel the community has not been able to have a conversation with the council on this matter, and nothing should move forward until there is a community meeting where individuals of Kent could come forward and speak about the usage of drones,” said Komalpreet Kaur Sahota, of Kent, during the public comment period of the March 7 council meeting.

Sahota said she opposed the police’s use of drones. She said she also represented other people who oppose drones but were unable to attend the meeting.

“We demand that you let the citizens of Kent come forward and hold a conversation about the usage of drones because there are many people strongly against this,” Sahota said.

Angel Mitchell, of Kent, spoke next to the council and agreed with Sahota.

“The thing

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