City of Nampa and Nampa Police using drone

NAMPA, Idaho – The City of Nampa is getting a bird’s eye view of their community. Last April, the city purchased a drone. A spokeswoman says they use it show off work being done around the area. 

“We have a lot of good stories to tell at the city of Nampa and so we really feel like the drone is one way for us to show citizens what’s going on,” said Vickie Holbrook, Communications Director for the city of Nampa. 

So far, one officer with the Nampa Police Department is the only city employee who has passed the pilot certification test. While the drone is kept in the mayor’s office, police say they have used it to do site assessment on a half a dozen buildings as well as brought it out on two active crime scenes, but only after getting the okay from the mayor. 

“It’s a great tool for us it’s

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