Why drones are troubling New Jersey Homeland Security

Surveillance Drone

The New Jersey Office of Homeland Security has issued a warning of a possible new terror attack threat.

According to director of intelligence Rosemary Martorana, the Islamic State — ISIS — claims to have conducted approximately 80 drone attacks in Iraq and Syria over the past few months, killing 40 people and injuring more than 100. And it’s using readily available commercial drones to carry out these attacks.

She said this is concerning because “oftentimes as ISIS develops new tactics and techniques, they share this information by providing these how-to guides, which are intended to kind of inspire those homegrown violent extremists here in the United States.”

She stressed right now it’s unclear how serious one of these types of attacks could be.

“Overseas they are using them to drop payloads and target U.S. forces in theater. We don’t know how they will transpire

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