Police Officer Saves Pregnant Dog, Drone Cam Captures Amazing Animal Rescue After Canine Falls Into Frozen Lake

The latest animal news involves two heartwarming stories of duty, love, and quick-thinking.

While on a routine police patrol, Lieutenant Bryan Taylor of the Oklahoma City Police Department was shocked to find a frightened, pregnant dog roaming the streets. While he could have just ignored the canine and continued his usual watch, the kind officer decided to take the time out of his day to help the lost animal. Thankfully, he followed his heart.

While helping the soon-to-be-mother, Officer Taylor took every step to make sure the dog’s safety, as well that of her unborn litter of pups. Some of Taylor’s measures included halting traffic to make sure an incoming car would not accidentally strike the pregnant dog if she were to run into the street, according to Life with Dogs. A similar story of an officer stepping in at the right moment emerged in February. One woman was so

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