‘Hover Camera’ Is A Floating Device That Captures Every Picture Perfect Moment With A 13 MP Camera

Getting the perfect, flattering selfie takes several attempts and a lot of maneuvering. For those addicted to getting the ideal shot from the right angle, the solution could be a new drone called the Hover Camera that flies around you to capture footage.

“Hover Camera captures exciting moments, whether snapping an aerial family vacation photo, capturing the perfect shot from above the rim at a basketball game, or recording your wedding while you walk down the aisle,” says the company on its website.

Created by San Francisco-based Zero Zero Robotics, the Hover Camera uses image stabilization technology (read: no blurry content) to capture high-resolution photos with its 13 MP camera and 4K video. The camera drone, which is described by the company as “the world’s first truly consumer-friendly self-flying camera,” is controlled using Wi-Fi via the user’s smartphone and utilizes AI algorithms to navigate its environment.

The drone can hover at a height

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