The Best Flying Cameras on the Market: 2016 Consumer Drone Round-Up


If just saying the word “drone” makes your eyes light up and your lips involuntarily whisper, “I want one,” you’re living in the right times.

These small, unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), as the Federal Aviation Administration calls them, are undoubtedly the latest in must-have tech. But holy kid-in-a-candy-store, Batman, why did the market saturate itself so quickly with such a plethora of options?

Figuring out what to buy is not easy. There are a ton of things to consider: manufacturer, size and shape, the number of propellers, if it has brushless motors, GPS or a camera (and its specs), what type of transmitter it has, and so on.

Most advanced operators will tell you to start off with something relatively cheap in order to build confidence while having fun. This way, when you do crash, which you will, you’re not

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