Protesters Cancel CIA Director’s Talk, Scream About Drone Policy

Protesters at the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) shut down a talk by CIA Director John Brennan Friday evening.

Three separate groups of protesters heckled Brennan about 15 minutes into the moderated discussion until UPenn professor Marjorie Margolies decided the event was no longer productive and brought it to a close, The Hill reports.

Once the first protester started, the Daily Pennsylvanian reported UPenn Law School Dean Theodore Ruger took to the stage to reiterate the university’s freedom of expression policy. He was shouted down.

While Brennan was supported by two standing ovations, support from the audience didn’t appear to be enough to combat the protesters, who carried on making noise for eight minutes.

“Drones kill kids,” one protester screamed.

Another protester yelled, “U.S. out of the Middle East.”

“The CIA is a terrorist group. Human torture is a crime,” said a woman.

Protesters from Students of a Democratic Society (SDS) were present at the event., and

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